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Helmond., nl
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email [email protected] Came to Miklos Rozsa's music through the movie EL Cid which sent me on an investigative mission into film music. First soundtrack purchase was Ben-Hur so I was immediately spoilt. High expectations were only satisfied with Rozsa's followup scores 'Sodom and Gomorrah' and 'King of Kings'. I discovered older scores and bought newer ones like 'How the west was won' 'Lawrence of Arabia' 'The Bible' 'The Greatest Story ever told' but they couldn't quence my Rozsa thirst. Athough Star Wars didn't connect with me at first due to my high expectations, I learnt to appreciate Williams' later music more. Rozsa remained my favourite and now I am discovering his Classical side as well.

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Soundtracks-- Always looking for Tapes of Rozsa interviews or documentaries--
I maintain and update the Website and enjoy finding bits of information to add or link up to.
I follow the local soccer competitions and attend all local matches and some away matches.
I follow the pusuits of the New Zealand Rugby 'All Blacks' also the Cricket, cause thats where I grew up.

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